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    Status group change and phone config edit

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      Is it required to remove the status group from phone config and then re-add it after updating status group with new name on extension. e.g.  Change name on extension 1190, save new global directory, edit the status group for new name on 1190 and then go to each phone configuration that has that particular status group, remove it and then add the changed status group back in.  Or do we just edit the status group and on reboot of phone or 7100 the new changes to the status group are automatically applied.  Thanks for your assistance.


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          If it is a Polycom phone or an ADTRAN IP 700 phone running R2 firmware, you only need to change the name within the status group.  As soon as that is applied it will send an update to the phone and the name will change on the display for the BLF without having to reboot the phone or reapply the status group.




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