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    ADSL Service Slowness

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      Dear Guys,


      A couple of weeks ago I configured an ADSL service using a NV340, everything is okay with the pppoe link and seems to be access to the Internet, however here is where the customer is reporting me that the service is slow, the computers can only reach google.com and when they type other websites it never loads.


      We make a test using the router from the service provider and when I connect the ADSL to this modem, all the computers on the LAN can reach the Internet very fast.


      Would you help me?


      Attached is my config file.



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          This sounds like an MTU issue caused by the PPPoE overhead.  Ideally this gets fixed by PMTUD but there may be something mid-stream blocking ICMP.  There are registry tweaks on the PCs that can be used - Google for DrTCP.


          You might also try changing the MTU on the interface facing the LAN and let PMTUD negotiate locally. 


          interface eth 0/1

            ip mtu 1492


          A couple of other tweaks:


          You have a policy-class Public defined but it isn't applied to any interface.


          You are using non-RFC1918 addresses for private subnets.  This will result in some (small put perhaps important) portions of the Internet being unreachable. 

          199.x.x.x is in use publicly and you're using 199.0.0.x for your LAN.

          1.x.x.x is in use publicly and you're using 1.1.1.x for remote networks.


          If you try to reach addresses on the Internet that you are also using privately, this will fail.


          Use 10.x.x.x/8, 172.16.x.x/12 and 192.168.x.x/16 for your private subnets.


          See: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1918

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