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    Installing 7100 in Customers Network

    jtphoneman New Member

      Hello, we are installing a 7100 in a existing network. I noticed from the factory there are two DCHP scopes in the 7100 that have option 157 defined for phones. All is working in the lab where we are testing the phones but at the customers site there are two existing subnets, each one has thier own Linksys router that does DCHP for the desktops. My question is can I turn off the DCHP Server for the data vlan built in the 7100 so I can use the customers existing DHCP servers? Also in the customers DHCP servers there is no where to build option 157 so can I statically assign the phones?


      I will have 3 vlans in the 7100, the default voice vlan of 2, then vlan 3 and 4 for the two existing customer networks. Instead of leaving the ethernet switchports setup as trunks I was going to set them up for the appropriate customer vlan:


      eth 0/1

      swtichport acessc vlan 3

      switchport voice vlan 2


      eth 0/2

      switchport access vlan 4

      switchport voice vlan 2


      Will this configuration work? Thanks for the help