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    TSU Agent Card firmware

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      Have a 61200160L1 Agent Card for TSU600.  Card comes up in alarm mode and "agent card flash download mode" message.  TSU600 is running "V" revision firmware.  Service manual for Agent Card expalins flash download, but I can't find file under any of the TSU downlaod locations.  Thanks.

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          patrick Employee

          Hello, and thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Forums.


          Wow. This one had us scratching our heads and looking into dark, abandoned, and forgotten corners! The TSU SNMP Agent Module (PN: 1200160L1#HS) was discontinued in 2002. We were able to locate some firmware and have updated the firmware page to include the Agent Module. That module was upgraded by a utility program called "A-Flash", and the version of A-Flash you use determines the version of firmware you load, because the firmware is part of the A-Flash utility. The A-Flash program was written for Windows 3.1. We've had mixed results trying to get it to run on Windows 7, but have been able to consistently have it work on Windows 95 and Windows XP computers. So the file you download is an Executable file, and is a self-extracting ZIP. When you execute that program it will extract out the Setup files. You then have to run the Setup to install A-Flash.


          If flashing the Agent Module does not resolve the issue, then the only option I see is either replacing the module or sending it in for an Out of Warranty repair.


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              eks1950 New Member


              Dug out a XP laptop, installed program, after a couple of baud rate changes, it took off and worked! Card came back to life will attempt to configure it shortly.  Thank you for the quick response and communication.

              Separate issue, but same product line: Can I manually bootstrap a TSU600e with a lost front panel and serial port password, push firmware, and restore defaults?


              Erik Schull


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