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    Spanning tree per vlan

    robert New Member

      I have two switches, switch A and switch B.  Both have port 1-5 configured on vlan 1.  Both have ports 6-10 configured with vlan 2.


      Can I connect port 1 switch A to port 1 switch B and port 6 switch A to port 6 switch B while continuing to use spanning tree?


      I have it set up like this but adtran keeps disabling one of the ports.  IP routing is not enabled.  Does the 1534P not have Per-VLAN STP?

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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          I do not believe that STP can be done per-VLAN.  Your best bet would be to provide an 802.1Q trunk between switch A and B.  The trunked port will carry both VLAN(s) across the link.  If you feel you need to use more than one link for increased speed, you can do an aggregate link using two or more ports.  The port-channel interface can be put in trunk mode and carry all traffic between the two switches.  The switches will handle distributing the packets to the correct VLAN and ports.


          Here is another post on link aggregation.  Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) in AOS


          Simply putting one port in trunk mode on each switch will work fine though.



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              robert New Member

              Normally I would use trunk ports between switches but I only wanted to allow those specific vlans through so I was trying to use a separate cable for each and assign appropriate vlan.  Instead, I'll probably use a trunk port as you suggested on the adtran and on the other switch I'll use a trunk port but limit it to just the 2 vlans.