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    DHCP server per vlan

    robert New Member

      I have a 1534P and want to use it's DHCP server and restrict it to a certain VLAN.  Is this possible?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Not directly, but yes.


          Adtran's DHCP server is well-behaved and will only respond on a VLAN that is both:

          1. IP enabled for layer 3 routing on the device
          2. On the subnet specified in the network statement of the DHCP server


          There are other DHCP servers in use that are not so well-behaved, including Microsoft Windows. You need to ensure that only VLANs in the subnet(s) on which the Windows server is providing DHCP appear on  any port to which a Windows DHCP server is connected.  Otherwise the Windows server will "jump" the VLAN and assign addresses on the wrong subnet, even if the VLAN in question isn't configured on the Windows server itself.  This is a typical cause of phones being assigned IPs on the data subnet instead of voice.  The fix is to configure the port to which the Windows server is connected is an access port on the data VLAN only.