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    Netvanta 1238P

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      I have scoured the forums and seemed to be searching for the wrong thing, or just a block head.  I took over management of two switches and reset them to factory settings.  My assumption is that they would be relatively unmanaged.  I also made all ports "trunk" as I found somewhere it will make this switch basically unmanaged.  I don't have sophisticated mneeds and want all traffic (udp / tcp) to be available to all ports. 


      My main issue is that I am not familiar on how to create and manage vlan's on this device, so I just wanted to use it in a pinch for poe phones (the phones are connected to the switch, and desktop computers are connected to the phones).  Basically leave this behind for non technical people to use it in case of an emergency, with no real skill except moving ethernet cords.


      I am willing to listen to this community and do the right thing is separating the phone and internet traffic is simple, and I can document that easily for others.  I was in a time crunch and was basiclly trying ti use this unmanaged. 


      Please advise on how OR is that a major no no?  If makor no no - then how the heck to I get this configured?

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          Depending on the IP phones you are using, you should be able to only trunk that ports that link the two switches together.  For the rest of the ports, I would suggest the following:


          1.  Create a VLAN for voice.

              vlan 41

                  name Voice


          2.  for each port, assign the voice VLAN to the switchport

              switchport voice vlan 41 cos 6 dscp 46    (your cos and dscp values may be different.  this is just an example.  only the "switchport vlice vlan XX" is required).


          This will effectively put your ports in a limited trunk mode.  The LLDP-MED protocol will assign the phone to the VLAN when it links to the switch. 

          You will need to create a VLAN interface or or link an access port to an interface that can route the traffic for that VLAN. Some of that can be done on the 1238P with the latest firmware, assuming it is a 2nd generation.  Otherwise you will need your firewall/router to handle that. 

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