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    Unable to dial international calls

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      I have a Netvanta 7100 configured to work with AT&T IPFlex Service. The AT&T IPFlex Service is being delivered emulating a PRI and connecting via a T1 card into the Netvanta. Almost all of the users are in the Standard Class of Service which has international enabled.

      The trunk group has international 011 enabled as well with a low cost. The dial plan has 9-011-$ international as well. Yet when we make an outbound call we get a busy signal. When we called AT&T to see if they were blocking international they say that they aren't and that they are seeing the number come through without the 011. How is it being stripped? How can I fix this? Also if I have an uplink port connected to a Cisco switch that has QoS on it should I go into the port settings and enable Trust Cos Markings?