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    Need a ring group that behave differently upon schedule.

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      Hi there,


      Picture this.


      System phone: Adtran NetVanta 7060

      IP Phones: Adtran IP 706

      System modes:

           Default mode: 8h00 AM to 12h00 & 13h00 to 17h00 WEEK DAYS

           Lunch mode: 12h00 to 13h00 WEEK DAYS

           Night mode: it cover's the rest of it.


      Phones: 601, 602, 603, 604,

      External cellular phones: Cell1, Cell2, Cell3, Cell4


      IF call is placed between 6h00 AM and 6h00 PM Week days

           Then,RING extension. 601, 602 & Cell 1, Cell 2 at same time.

                IF no answer,

                     Then, RING 603 & Cell 3 at same time.

                     Else, LOOP from the start

      IF call is placed on the rest of the schedule (weekends, night time, etc...)

           Then RING ext 604 & Cell 4 at the same time

                IF no answer

                     Then, GOTO voicemail



      Maybe we should advise caller that we are trying to reach someone and stay on hold toom since it will take time to "Wake" everybody up.


      Is it possible to do so?

      I think it's a mix of FMFM feature, ring group and virtual extensions that forwards to cell phones and stuff like that but i have hard time to figure how since my first problem is the Schedule itself. You cannot create overlapping schedule in system modes.




      Any Idea?

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          Thank you for posting this question to the Support Community. 


          You are correct that you cannot create overlapping schedules, but I believe you could implement what you described by setting the times for this special case in an unused system mode, like Custom1 mode. 


          For example you can set Custom1 mode to trigger Mon - Fri from 6AM - 8AM AND 5PM - 6PM. The rest of the system mode schedule would operate as it does now with Default, Lunch, and Night mode.  Then for the extension that needs this special handling, use normal coverage with ring groups to match your desired call flow for Default, Lunch, and Custom1 mode.  That should cover 6AM - 6PM on weekdays.  The alternate call flow would need to be set for Night mode. 


          Alongside this, all extensions across the system that currently utilize coverage with system modes would have to be edited to mimic the correct coverage settings when the system is in Custom1 mode.  If I'm not mistaken, all these other extensions would need to replicate the Night mode coverage settings during Custom1 mode.