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    How to bind SIP trunks to a specific VLAN interface IP

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      Let's say I have several VLANs and I have a SIP trunk setup between the 7100 and a few other systems that are on these various VLANs. Is there a way to bind a SIP trunk to a specific VLAN interface IP regardless of which VLAN it passes through?  I know that on the interfaces the media-gateway command is used to designate either the primary or secondary IPs of the interface, or to use a loopback interface IP.  What if I don't want any of these choices and I want to use the IP of the voice VLAN interface in all cases?  Is this possible?


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          It may help for me to first explain how the IP address is derived for outbound SIP/RTP packets generated by the NetVanta 7100.  When a SIP trunk is configured we will look at the IP address for the peer configured with sip-server primary command.  We then use the route table to figure out what egress interface is used to reach that peer IP address.  Then we will look at the egress interface used, and see what is configured for the media-gateway ip command on that interface.  That setting (primary, secondary, or loopback) will determine what we use as the source IP address for outbound SIP/RTP packets generated by the NetVanta 7100 for the remote SIP peer. 


          If you want to use the same address on multiple interfaces, media-gateway ip loopback 1 should be used where the loopback 1 IP address is set to your desired address.  For existing configurations, if you change the address, you will have to change anything pointing to the old address (SIP peers, registered phones, etc).  It may be easiest to simply move the existing voice vlan IP address to the loopback 1 interface and then assign another open IP address in the same subnet to the voice vlan interface. I hope this helps.