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    Can not make configuration backup at bluesocket controller

    rcarreras New Member



      I am trying to make a configuration backup but it does not finish.. I have tried with several browsers, operating systems, but no luck....


      Any idea ??


      Thank you..




      Backing up configuration to



      Adding version info...



      date=Fri Dec 10 03:41:49 EST 2010



      Adding DHCP info...



      Adding database...



      1. Schema...


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          nick Employee



          You will need to change the "Seconds a client is allowed to hold the web server" under General > HTTP from 10 seconds to 300 seconds and the click save.  Once you have clicked save, you will then see the following in red, "You have made changes which may affect users on the system. After you have made all of your changes, click here to have them take effect. Alternatively, you may schedule the update to occur at a later time."  Feel free to "click here" to restart the web server.  Once the web server has restarted, you should then be able to take a backup configuration at this point. Please note, we very highly recommend changing this setting back to 10 seconds once you are able to successfully obtain the backup configuration.

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              nick Employee

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