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    How manage adtran phone directories

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      some users ask me if they could add other folder in the directories section on their phone. By default user have a personal folder and a system folder. So how can i add another one like buisness folder? And how can i manage those folder? Where are they saved in the 7100 adtran filesystem?. By FTP ive find the files that saved the dial line and speed dial settings that the user have configured but not the content of the directories.

      The device we have is adtran netvanta 7100 with adtran 706-712 phone and some polycom 501 phone.

      Thanks for the reply and have a nice day!

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          prid3bowl - thank you for asking this question.  There is not a way to include separate directories, but you can add additional entries to the personal directory of ADTRAN IP 700 phones and to the contact directory of Polycom phones.


          If there are directory entries you want available for all phones you can add them to the Global Directory on the Netvanta 7100.  To do this navigate to Voice > IP Phone Configs > Global Directory tab > click the Add custom directory entry link, input the names and numbers, click the Save Global Directory button, and reboot the phones.  The Global Directory is stored in the adtran_phonebook.csv file in the ADTRAN directory of the CFLASH for ADTRAN IP 700 phones, and in the 000000000000-directory.xml file in the Polycom directory on the CFLASH for Polycom phones.


          Adding custom entries that you don’t want to show up on all phones in the Global Directory differs by the type of phone:


          For ADTRAN IP 706 or IP 712 phones, you can login to the phone web interface by typing the IP in a browser and using user for the username and password for the password. Then go to the Backup Phonebook link to download a CSV template.  Then add entries, save it, and upload it in the Load Phonebook section of the web interface.  The new entries will now appear under the personal directory.  These are stored locally on the phone and not on any file on the NetVanta 7100, so if you default the phone they will be lost.


          For Polycom phones, using the NetVanta 7100 web interface, navigate to Voice > IP Phone Globals > select the phone and click Edit > and go to the Other Directory Entries tab. There you can click the New link, input the name and number, click Add, and then when all the entries you want are entered click Apply at the bottom.  This will load custom contact directory entries for a phone and be stored in the <mac address>-directory.xml file (example: 0004f2101122-directory.xml) in the Polycom folder of the CFLASH.