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    Netvanta 7000 and Polycom phone SIP version issue

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      I am having some problems with setting up phones on a Netvanta 7000 box that we are using for some testing to deploy out in the field.  It came with two Polycom IP 335 phones with SIP v3 which worked fine out of the box.  We are trying to add some Polycom IP 550 phones with SIP v4, as we will need some phones in the field with more lines.  So far we have been unable to get any IP phones with SIP v4 and above to grab a DHCP address without a lot of trouble.  If the phone does grab an IP and then loads the configuration from the Netvanta it will reboot and then hang on trying to run DHCP after getting an IP the first time.  SIP v4 and above is supposed to be supported by the Netvanta from what I've seen in the documentation but I have yet to get a phone with that version to work successfully.  Has anyone else had this issue or can I not have phones with different SIP versions running on the same controller?

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          Thank you for posting your question.  It is possible to run different versions of Polycom firmware based on the model.  When upgrading or downgrading between Polycom 3.x to 4.x you need to use the ADTRAN/Polycom IP Phone Firmware 4.0.x Upgrade and Downgrade Guide to make sure the bootcode is updated and the proper configuration files are generated for that version of firmware as the syntax changed between those versions.  Here is a link to the IP 550 firmware page on our main website for the files you will need to accompany the guide.


          If you still have problems after going through those steps, I would need to see a copy of your configuration along with the output of a debug ip ftp-server when one of these phones is rebooted.  You can submit that to our FTP server with the instructions below.  It would also help to know all the messages on the display of the phone while it is attempting to boot.


          FTP upload instructions

          Open Internet Explorer web browser on their PC
          Type the following URL:  ftp://ftp.adtran.com

          Press the Alt key, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer

          Double-click the "Incoming" folder
          Drag and drop files from PC into the Internet Explorer window

          Reply to this post with the exact filenames used so we can retrieve the files