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    How to Implement roll over in Atlas 550

    haqr1ab New Member

      Just installed a new PRI service with the Atlas 550 providing breakout to older Avaya Partner System. Things are working well but the one problem we are having is that there is no roll over. If the main number is ***-7644, when that line is in use the next call to it will ring busy. Is there a way to implement a roll over feature?

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          patrick Employee

          Hello, and thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Community Forums.


          Since you have a PRI, and are then breaking out service to the Avaya, I assume you have the ATLAS configured in the DIAL PLAN, with the PRI Service configured as the NETWORK TERM. You can configure "roll over" in the ATLAS, but the ATLAS does all the call routing based on the IN#ACCEPT under the USER TERM. So to have a call roll from one interface to another they will both need to have the same IN#ACCEPT.

          So if your main line has "***-7644" as the IN#ACCEPT and you want it to roll to another line when that one is busy, then another line will need to have "***-7644" in its IN#ACCEPT list.


          Hope this helps,