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    How to set up one extension as an "isolated" extension

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      Here's my situation; any help or pointers in the right direction is/are appreciated!  Names and descriptions are changed to protect the innocent.


      a) My organization's boss wants all calls to her line/extension to go to her assistant.

      b) If the call is one the boss needs to take, then her assistant should be able to transfer the call to the boss.

      c) But, only the assistant should be able to transfer calls to the boss.  No one else should be able to do so.  In other words, the boss' extension should be "isolated" from all but the assistant's line.


      I've been studying over the manuals I can find, but I haven't figured out a way to do this without creating a loop (where it would set up an indefinite forward back to the assistant).  Also, nothing special is going on this system so far; all users (including the boss) are in the main/only directory.


      Any ideas how this might be possible in the NetVanta 7100?  It looks as if there is a way somehow, but I'm not well versed enough with the NetVanta 7100 to have figured it out just yet.

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          Thanks for posting your question.  One approach could be for the assistant to register the line that belongs to the boss so all calls would be routed to the assistant.  Then the boss could have a phone that registers a different extension not shown in the system directory.  Since no one but the assistant would know the number to the phone that the boss is using that may take care of the requirements.  If you want to take an extra step and only allow the assistant to be able to call the boss you can utilize Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) and only include the assistant in the priority list.  The Everyone list would need to route calls elsewhere.




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              markfreeman Employee

              Here is another option that can be used. It is very similar to a work around we have for shared line on multiple phones.

              Boss phone ext to public is 5004

              Receptionist personal is 5005

              Boss Private ext is 4004


              On the receptionist phone have her personal exten of 5005 and then boss pub ext of 5004, then can have a Status Group with Boss Private ext of 4004 to monitor boss phone.

              All customers and employees if desired would only know about 5004.

              Only the receptionist phone will have 5004 registered.


              On the boss phone you will have private ext of 4004.

              If you go to IP Phone Configs, you edit the boss phone config, you can change the extension label to make it say 5004.  Then click apply. This will make the Boss think her extension is actually 5004. No need to confuse the Boss!  =)

              Then edit the Boss user for the 4004 Extension via Voice > Stations > User Accounts. Go to User Config tab, in the Internal Called ID Number custom Entry field edit it so that is says 5004 and modify External Caller ID Number if Boss has a DID like 2569635004

              Then go to the Current Settings tab and uncheck the System Directory box to make sure the Boss private extension is not listed in the directory as Matt mentioned above. Click Apply.


              When configuring like this all calls to 5004 will go to receptionist, receptionist then can forward calls to the  boss phone.

              When the Boss places calls, boss caller-ID will show 5004 so if people hit redial the calls will go back to receptionist.


              Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



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