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    Can you import Adtran gear into China

    adtranfan New Member

      We have several manufacturing and sales offices in China.  In the past we wanted to use Adtran gear there like we do at our other facilities.  Unfortunately, at that time we were told that the equipment could not be imported into China because it lacked the proper certification.  Is that still the case, or can we now ship routers and switches to China?  If anyone could answer this it would be greatly appreciated.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          That would seem kind of silly as much of it is made there. 


          There are some US restrictions on export of equipment with strong encryption, but restrictions on import would be up to the Chinese government.  Adtran might have some limitations on warranty if used outside of specified areas but otherwise I wouldn't think they would care or be in a position to prevent it. 


          There are companies in the business of international shipping who assist with customs issues who you might want to consult.  Unlike advice here, their services aren't free, however.

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