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    Problems reported in Event Log

    bamajam New Member

      m seeing this a couple of times per day:

      2013.12.02 09:23:58 TM.T01 09 tachgAlerting processed by IsdnTmState base

      2013.12.02 09:25:00 OPERATING_SYSTEM.FILESYSTEM Unable to open WAV file: CFLASH:/AA/Prompts/Transfer.wav.wav


      Looks like someone has typed it wrong in their auto-attendant?  The Transfer.wav file is present, but not Transfer.wav.wav.  Any idea where to look?


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          markfreeman Employee

          Go to your auto attendant and look for “Transfer to a Phone Number” or “Dial by Extension” options and those use the Transfer audio file detail and look to see what it says.


          If it does say Transfer.wav and not the double wav then assign it to a different audio file. Save. Then go back and assign it back to transfer.wav. save. Then test


          If that doesn’t work then try this:

          log into CLI and do this:


          UCAS15#copy cflash aa/prompts/transfer.wav cflash aa/prompts/transfer2.wav


          Then go into the AA menu and assign it to the transfer2.wav and see if it fixes the problem.