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    Voice to Email Configuration Issue

    phonealchemist New Member



      I'm having trouble configuring VMail to Email in that I can't tell what or why exactly why this customer's email provider is rejecting the message. Maybe someone can look at the debug system output I have here and give me a hint?


      SMTP Response: 220 blnmtdc2svavs.cluster2.bresnan.net ESMTP

      To SMTP server: EHLO []


      To SMTP server: 22 bytes of data

      SMTP Response: 250-blnmtdc2svavs says EHLO to

      SMTP Response: 250-AUTH=LOGIN

      SMTP Response: 250-AUTH LOGIN

      SMTP Response: 250-STARTTLS

      SMTP Response: 250-8BITMIME

      SMTP Response: 250-XDUMPCONTEXT

      SMTP Response: 250-PIPELINING


      To SMTP server: STARTTLS


      To SMTP server: 10 bytes of data

      SMTP Response: 220 continue

      To SMTP server: AUTH PLAIN


      To SMTP server: 12 bytes of data

      Invalid server message: 500 5.5.2 unrecognized command


      Any ideas?