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    Bootps Error - DHCP Relay Issue

    stubisch New Member

      This one has me pulling whats left of my hair out.  Hoping its something simple that i am overlooking.  I am trying to have 2 scopes on my DHCP serving differnt VLANs.


      I have in place:

      Win2003 DHCP server statically assigned as with 2 active scopes:  192.168.1.x and 10.10.30.x

      Netvanta 1224-STR-PWR VLANed with the Default VLAN 1 as and VLAN2 as  DHCP server port is assigned to VLAN1

      IP Helper config has been set on the VLAN2 interface, as


      My issue is that clients on ports assigned to VLAN2 do not get an ip address from the DHCP server.  Clients on VLAN1 get an IP no problem from the 192.168.1.x range.


      When I try to add Bootps to the UDP forward, the switch gives me an error saying it can't add it...no other info.


      When I manually assign a 10.10.30.x ip to a client, i can access and reach everything in both vlans....I can ping the VLAN interfaces from the DHCP server.


      Any help as to what I might be missing is greatly appreciated.