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    How to use Outdial.exe for Long distance Number, If long-distance number need access code

    lancebailey New Member

      I am using Outdial to call and remind clients about there appointments. Local numbers work fine ex: 2565555353, however when I have a long distance number ex: +14105554343, Nothing happens. I don't get a dial out failed in the logs and nothing shows up in the Outdial queue. At my job you have to dial a 4 digit long-distance code to dial long-distance. This code is provided by the Telco.

      Is there a special character i can use like p  to pause and then dial the 4 digit. ex: 14105554343P9878 ?


      I am currently using the Generate Tones Element in my services when every i have a long distance number to dial the 4 digits,

      But its still not working