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    Switching from T3 to 100 Meg Ethernet Expansion Module Question NetVanta 5305

    moulegend New Member

      Good Morning,


      My office is currently setup with a primary dedicated DS3 line and a secondary backup failover 20 meg Ethernet handoff line from a different provider.  Currently our DS3 line terminates into the the T3 wide module inside our NetVanta 5305 router. As you know, the 5305 has two primary RJ-45 ports for lan connectivity or secondary Ethernet hand off lines.  We currently have our internal network and all VLan's running from our managed switch into port Eth 0/1.  Our secondary failover line is currently plugged into port Eth 0/2.


      In my discussion yesterday with our current ISP, they made note that to convert from the DS3 line we currently have to 100 meg Ethernet, we'd have to have an available port on our edge router.  With that being said, are there any expansion modules provided for the NetVanta 5305 router that would allow me to have more than just two RJ-45 ports?  I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate our private Lan, primary ISP ethernet handoff and secondary ISP handoff with only 2 current ports.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.