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    Setting up PPPoE with a static IP address connecting to a DSL modem

    wellbridge New Member

      I am hoping someone out there has done this and can help me out.


      We have a 7100 that connects to a DSL modem using PPPoE.  The connection is used to feed our public wireless.  In the past, we bridged the DSL modem, set up the DSL credentials on the 7100 and everything worked great.  We now have a block of 5 static IP addresses because we are going to use the DSL modem as a failover connection and our provider needs a static IP address to set up a SSL tunnel back into their network and on to our MPLS  network.  I reset the modem to take it out of bridge mode and set our static block on the DSL modem.  If I connect my tablet up with one of the static addresses, I can get to the internet.  I have set the PPPoE interface address on the 7100 to one of the static addresses, and the Link State shows Starting and the LCP State shows Negotiating.  If I set the DSL modem to hand off one of our static addresses via DHCP and set the PPPoE interface to Negotiated, I get the same result.


      Is there something obvious I missed or is there some special trick to get this to work?


      Chris Jones