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    Audio Issues 7100 10.7 and 10.8.1 Code

    jwable Frequent Visitor

      I just had a strange thing happen.  All calls through a SIP trunk to directly connected phones had no audio whether inbound or outbound.  Internal calls had audio. Calls to and from phones configured as Simple Remote Phones worked properly.  The system had been up and running for 30 Days with no changes made one week before the problem started occurring.  The last change made was to delete a phone and user and create a new user and re-assign a new user to that phone.  Everything worked normally for a week after that last change.

      1.  Tried rebooting 7100 same problem occurred

      2.  Tried upgrading from 10.7 to 10.8.1 same problem

      3.  Went into User Accounts and set all users as Simple Remote Users did not reboot phones, calls started working


      I am going to work on getting some logs pulled together for this I will add them later.  Now that the calls are working again I can start working with one extension and try to recreate, test, and log the issue occurring.


      John Wable

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          jwable Frequent Visitor

          Found the issue.

            Somewhere along the line the IP access-policy disappeared from the VLAN Interfaces.  There are only two people with Access to be able to do this and nether one of us has removed those items.  So it seems there is a possible bug looming out there on 10.7 code where IP Access Policies disappear.


          John Wable