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    Atlas 550 no incoming calls

    jimtgs New Member

      We have a 550 doing PRI to T1 conversion on a Mitel sx-200el. Outbound calling works fine. Incoming calls not so much. We don't see any incoming calls, the telephone company says they get an ISDN error 404 no route assigned or no way for them to route the call.


      We've adjusted all of our settings and changed the event logging to get more information. When we call a test DID, no event logging occurs. Outbound calls produce event logs just fine.


      What event logging settings should we have to make sure calls are hitting the Atlas?


      I believe the telco is at fault however we are trying to trouble shoot this and get it working!

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          ISDN L2-formatted

          ISDN events

          Call control messages


          all to info should definitely suffice.


          Double-check ISDN switch type.


          Telco is also not looking in the right place to troubleshoot this.  404 isn't an ISDN cause code. It sounds more like a SIP error. 


          ISDN no route is cause code 3 (or possibly cause code 2).  ISDN cause codes are 0 through 127 decimal.


          Detailed ISDN Cause Codes

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              jimtgs New Member

              Thanks. I've enabled those logging items and we were getting nothing. We even compared it to another properly functioning Atlas system.


              So were pretty sure at this point it is the telco. The 404 code seemed a bit unusual to me so it's good to know it's a SIP code and not an ISDN.


              Thank you, SIR.

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