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    vlan routing trouble

    coriumintl New Member

      Attached is a config of my remote office head switch.


      I recently added a Vlan and configured the UDP helper for DHCP, but i'm having trouble getting the DHCP response back from the server to the client making the request. I see the DHCP lease being reserved on my server.


      Also if i configure my client with a static IP, i can't ping the Gateway (, however from my DHCP server ( i can ping the gateway. Also Domain authentication failes with a static IP on the .33 subnet.


      Any suggestions on changes i need to make to this configuration?



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Does VLAN 33 exist on the switch?  Try the command show vlan .  If it isn't there, you'll need to touch it in config mode to create it.  It sounds crazy but you can have a VLAN interface without the underlying VLAN which obviously doesn't work.


          config t

            vlan 33


            wr mem

          Alternatively try from a switch port as an access port on VLAN 33.


          config t

          interface gigabit-switchport 0/7

          switchport mode access

          switchport access vlan 33

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              coriumintl New Member

              show vlan lists 33 alright.


              giga-swx 0/1 and 0/2 are where my ESXI host is plugged in. both ports are trunk mode and my DHCP server lives on a VM there which is on a softswitch tagged as vlan1. the first machine i'm trying to get work is also a VM but on a different softswitch tagged as vlan 33. I have also tried a physical machine on a second switch which also shows vlan 33 on the console but exhibits the same behaviour.


              for some reason the traffic doesn't get back to vlan 33 from vlan 1, but traffic from vlan 33 makes it to vlan 1.

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                coriumintl New Member

                Turns out my ARP table was maxed out on the 1534, we now have a 1544 on order that should correct this all.