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    SIP Trunking  7100

    rortega New Member

      I looked through the documentation and discussions and couldn't find anything on this so I thought I'd ask. I'm looking at connecting 2 7100's together for a client using a sip trunk. I'm first testing it on our system.  One location is here in our office, and the other is a remote location out of town at a different office about half an hour away. I want to set up a trunk between the two, so that way at their remote location they can dial employees by extension at the remote location. If there's a guide to this that'd be great, or if I can get some advice.


      Right now I have the guide "Configuring SIP Trunking and Networking for the 7000" guide and the "Configuring SIP Trunking with NetVanta 7100 and Metaswitch" files, are these all I need? Thanks in advance.