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    Adtran IOS Command Line Interface vs. Web GUI NETVANTA 6310 Ani-list/Grouped-Trunk Mods

    scottsm7 New Member

      _We are using the Netvanta 6310 as a convter for a Verizon service to our old TDM PBX's.  I have added on to the Verizon config to give the abaility to block a number using an ani-list and applying it to the PRI Grouped-Trunk Configuration.  We have a couple of employees here I have to figure out a way to accomplish this using the GUI.  I use strictly commandline.  I need a away to modify and create ANI-List and Adding those lists to the Grouped Trunk.  One of my GUI users hasn't been able to find it.  Is there no way to change/modify/add/delete ANI-Lists?  I couldn't find a way either.


      Thanks for all the help.


      I will be happy to provide the configuration if needed.  This is more of a basic GUI question.


      Here is the version ADTRAN, Inc. OS version A4.05.00.E