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    7100 CenturyLink cannot explain warranty.  Can someone help me with this?

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      It's that time of year to renew our yearly warranty/support contract for our whole Adtran system.  Since I am on my 3rd 7100, I pay this tax every year.  There's one problem that I have and CentryLink cannot explain.  I have two lines on my warranty quote for the 7100:


      1.20E+07NETVANTA 7100 ROHS1LBADTN12*******ADTRAN, INC.VENDOR STANDARD 8X5XNBD-LABONLY6-Oct-135-Oct-14$313.00Year
      1.20E+07NETVANTA 7100 ROHS1LBADTN12*******ADTRAN, INC.VENDOR STANDARD 24x7x4-MAT+TECH SUP6-Oct-135-Oct-14$1,288.00Year


      Now, to me it seems they are supporting the exact same thing.  The serial number has been changed for privacy, but the SN is the same for each line.  To me Line1 is for our 7100, 8x5xNBD which I assume is business hours, 5 days per week service next business day, lab only means remote access only?  Then there is a second line which is FAR more costly 24x7x4 which I assume to be 24hrs a day 7 days per week within 4 hours?


      My question is do I need both of these?  What is the difference between the two?  My support comes out to about 10% of the cost of my equipment which is far and away my highest yearly expense dollar for dollar.  I'm really confused and CenturyLink just tells me that the second line is a "Purchase Key" which makes no sense since the only thing I need a key for is the UC Server Software, not the 7100.





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          burgermeister Employee



          It appears the part numbers you provided above were copied and pasted from Excel with Scientific Formatting, (as a result appear as "1.20E+07").  If you don't mind, please reply with the part numbers (possibly changing the formatting to "General" before copy & pasting them to this thread.   Without the actual part numbers it's hard to know anything for certain, but it appears the first item listed is actually a 1-year MAC fee (Moves, Adds & Changes) fee.  If so, this would mean that CTL has the wrong description/model name assigned to this item. (Note:This is only a hunch, because the only related 7100 or 7100BCS ProCare service with a $313 price is the 1-Year MAC Fee...