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    NetVanta 160 VAP Reference issue.

    vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

      Has anyone else noticed that the vap-reference statement is no longer an option in the firmware for the NetVanta 160 programming?


      The web GUI allows you to configure the reference, but the VAP will no longer be referenced after rebooting the controlling netvanta device.  In this case I am using a NetVanta 1543P G2. 


      before rebooting the switch:


      After rebooting the switch:




      interesting find:


      Show start command reveals that the switch saves the vap-reference, but show run does not.



      vap-reference is not listed as an option, and therefor is not configured.


      So if I need to change the VAP, I have to use the web GUI and select all of the VAPs and apply the reference to update them.


      Does anyone know why vap-reference is no longer an option in AOS?