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    VLAN 1 on vwLan

    jbk New Member

      I have a client that requires a service to run on VLAN 1.  It appears that VLAN 1 on the vwlan in assigned for communication between the AP's and the controller, can this be changed?  Is there any other way around this (I'm getting the sense they are not willing or unable to move the service)?

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          kennethfernandes Employee

          Vlan 1 is typically untagged. This is represented by vlan id 0 or native AP vlan in vWLAN. Under locations you can use vlan id 0. Under the role you could also select native AP vlan. If the AP is also on VLAN 1 for management purposes, the location should be discovered automatically and show up as vlan id 0.

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            daniel.blackmon Employee



            The vWLAN wireless platform uses VLAN 1 for NAC addressing which is applied to wireless clients in the Un-registered. This vWLAN is not actually used for communications between the vWLAN and the access points, but is rather isolated on the APs themselves. That said, if the AP sees VLAN 1 tagged on its Ethernet port, the application may fail because the AP believes VLAN 1 is used for the NAC addresses.


            That said, VLAN tags are just logical identifiers, and you can change the VLAN tag without actually changing the network. Further, if some device requires seeing VLAN 1 tagged, then you can use the switch configurations to isolate where VLAN 1 will be tagged. Trunk ports still allow a native, untagged VLAN as specified in the 802.1q protocol. So on the trunk ports connecting the access points, you simply need to select VLAN 1 as the native VLAN. Or you change the native VLAN on the devices requiring the VLAN 1.


            If this does not make sense, then we need to better understand the application requiring VLAN 1.


            • Does the application require VLAN 1 tagged?
            • If not, does the application need to run on untagged VLANs?
            • Would it be possible to simply change the logical VLAN ID?
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                nick Employee

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