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    bot rom firmware upgrade

    davide New Member

      ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.5.1
        Mainline Version: ENM.12.043
        Checksum: 705537c0fb1e5e62132c6009818b381a
        Built on: Tue Jan 29 16:45:50 CST 2013
        Upgrade key: 0a9d2d411e0097ff76c627ffa308826c
      Boot ROM version R10.3.0.SB
        Checksum: f569288f233ccb7a37bb2ccf4862855f
        Built on: Tue Aug  7 11:17:49 CDT 2012
      Copyright (c) 1999-2013, ADTRAN, Inc.
      Platform: NetVanta 1638P, part number 1700569F1
      Serial number LBADTN1330AA497
      Flash: 134217728 bytes  DRAM: 268435456 bytes


      Netvanta-1638P uptime is 2 days, 4 hours, 42 minutes, 47 seconds


      System returned to ROM by Watchdog Timeout
      Current system image file is "NONVOL:/9700568-2R100501.biz"
      Primary boot system image file is "NV1638A-R10-9-0-HA.biz"
      Backup boot system image file is "9700568-2R100501.biz"
      Primary system configuration file is "startup-config


      If I want to boot the system with the new NV1638A-R10-9-0-HA.biz, is my Boot ROM version R10.3.0.SB okay ?