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      Not sure if i am in the right place.  Am looking for some details on the AOS MIBS.  Have looked at the "CONFIGURING SNMP on AOS" document.  It is helpful.  However i think it is lacking in detail on the specific mibs.  For instance i am interested in the DOWNLOAD mib.  From the document;


      MIB Object Identifier MIB Object Name Tree Data Type adAOSDownload NODE adAOSDownloadTable NODE adAOSDownloadEntry NODE adAOSDownloadIndex LEAF INTEGER adAOSDownloadOwnerAddress LEAF TAddress adAOSDownloadOwnerDomain LEAF TDomain adAOSDownloadTAddress LEAF TAddress adAOSDownloadTDomain LEAF TDomain adAOSDownloadFilename LEAF DisplayString adAOSDownloadResetType LEAF INTEGER adAOSDownloadErrorStatus LEAF INTEGER adAOSDownloadErrorText LEAF DisplayString

      Table B-20. AOS Desktop Auditing MIB OIDs (Continued)

      MIB Object Identifier MIB Object Name Tree Data Type

      SNMP in AOS Appendix B: AOS MIB Object Identifiers

      61700600L2-29.4F Copyright © 2011 ADTRAN, Inc. 81 adAOSDownloadStatus LEAF RowStatus adAOSDownloadPassesLeft LEAF Integer32 adAOSDownloadOctetCount LEAF Integer32 adAOSDownloadDestination LEAF DisplayString adAOSDownloadDestinationType LEAF INTEGER adAOSDownloadLogMaxSize LEAF Integer32 adAOSDownloadLogSize LEAF Gauge32 adAOSDownloadLogTable NODE adAOSDownloadLogEntry NODE adAOSDlLogIndex LEAF Integer32 adAOSDlLogOwnerAddress LEAF TAddress adAOSDlLogOwnerDomain LEAF TDomain adAOSDlLogTAddress LEAF TAddress adAOSDlLogTDomain LEAF TDomain adAOSDlLogFilename LEAF DisplayString adAOSDlLogResetType LEAF INTEGER adAOSDlLogErrorStatus LEAF INTEGER adAOSDlLogErrorText LEAF DisplayString


      Where do i get specific information about each one of these objects?



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          jryder1 - Thanks for posting your question on the forum! What specific information are you looking for regarding the MIBs?


          You can download the AOS MIBs from the following link: ADTRAN MIBs . Once you have these MIBs downloaded, if you open the zip file, you will see that you can open each MIB using notepad or wordpad. You will find the MIB definitions written out in there. I'm not sure if this is the information you are looking for but you may find it helpful.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks.




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            jryder1 -

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