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    1800v2 and 1840 Bandwidth

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      What are some of the network specs for the 1800v2 and 1840 BSAPs? I am looking to see how much bandwidth they can support. In our campus setups, we have a total of 31 allowed connections before load balancing (I believe recommended a while back), with some access points connected to fastethernet ports and others connected to gigabitethernet ports. We give students 3072 Kbits/sec in a students role we have, but is that for the entire role, or each student (Bandwidth Shaping > QoS Rate in:


      A location is planning on going mostly wireless in a room that can support 140 students, but only has 3 access points....so we are in the middle of brainstorming.

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          The data sheet for these two APs can be found here.  With a distributed data-plane architecture, vWLAN limits per-user bandwidth at the AP.  For more on per-user bandwidth and the benefits associated with per-user bandwidth, please refer to page 16 of the Administrator's Guide vWLAN Version 2.2.1 and Later.

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