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    Any issues with iOS7?

    dalicea New Member

      Has anyone ran into any wireless issues with users that use a mobile Apple product recently upgraded to iOS7? I've seen a few users who were not able to connect to an SSID (802.1x and even captive portal) until they have connected to a different SSID on the network, then they can bounce back and forth. I've seen this on three users, but maybe its just a one-off issue and nothing major.


      I did find this link:


      Not sure if that is something we need to do on the vWLAN side.





      Currently running: vWLAN with AP firmware 6.7.0-1

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          nick Employee



          I have not heard of anyone running into this type of issue.  I was also unable to replicate that behavior using iOS7 as well.  I do however appreciate the additional information you provided on Apple products.  If you would like to add this to the vWLAN, you would first need to create a destination host-name for each URL, and then allow HTTP access to those destinations in the un-registered role.

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