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    Audio Converter/Music On Hold

    kurttsc New Member

      I used the NetVanta Audio Converter to add a customer's Music On Hold to their NetVanta 7100. When I uploaded it to the actual device it was telling me the file doesn't exist yet it displays in the GUI. I have tried to delete it in the GUI and I also factory defaulted the Unit but it still shows in the CFlash.

      We physically had to remove the CFlash in order to get those files removed. Is there an easier way to have those files deleted from the 7100?

      The issue with the file I uploaded to the NetVanta 7100 was that your Audio Converter did not remove the space from the file. I went ahead and removed the spaces from the file and was able to convert and upload those files successfully.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Many underlying operating systems require that spaces in filenames be escaped.  Syntax varies but typical are:


          Filename "hold music"




          "hold\ music"  (backslash before the space)

          "hold[ctrl-V] music" (Control-V before the space)

          "hold%20music"  (replace space with "%20")


          Or don't use filenames with spaces in the first place, substitute an underscore if needed for readability.

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            You can delete files with spaces in the name from the CLI using quotation marks:


            7100#show cfl /Music/G729/

            06/22/2012  12:07 PM              304744 hold-music.wav

            10/04/2013  14:59 PM               41624 recording test.wav

            06/25/2012  10:23 AM               41624 recording.wav


            7100#erase cflash "/Music/G729/recording test.wav"

            Deleting CFLASH:/Music/G729/recording test.wav... done.