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    ANI substitution for user account

    gregstahl New Member

      Is there a way to put ani substitution on a user account that over-rides the ani substitution on the SIP trunk?


      We have a NV7100 at a customer site that has a couple of remote locations, that are on their network, but we want calls from those phones to to show another number when they place a call for E911.  Is there a user account ani substitution that over-rides the SIP trunk, or at least some way of sending another number with a 911 call?




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          gouc Employee

          Greg - NetVanta 7000 series has an in-built E911 feature set, by which every user account can send a unique ELIN (Emergency Location Identification Number) when they make a call to an emergency service. This is a per user setting and can be found under user configuration. Refer guide https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-3639 . Additional benefits include


          - Notifying the local administrator via email whenever an emergency call is made so that local assistance can be rendered while the emergency crew are on their way

          - Adding other numbers in the "emergency number" list, whereby the ELIN is not only sent for 911 calls but for calls made to the specified emergency numbers

          - Testing the interface locally as part of disaster planning