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    Multiple Tenant Night Button

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      Hi just install a new adtran 7100 phone system.  Customer gave me a very hard time with this one feature.  They have two tenant sharing the same phone system.  They both have their own night,lunch,day, and holiday button on the two front desk phone.  Does anyone know how I can program this or something close to it?  Currently I had to program Day (Both office Open).  Lunch (Both office at luch).  Night (Both office closed).  Tenant A Open.  and Tenant B Open.


      They open and close at different hours with differnt greeting for each mode, that is what makes it so complicated.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Also, can we program a differnt music on hold file for 2 differnt DID's?

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          markfreeman Employee


          The NetVanta 7100 only has one System Mode for the whole system. The addition of a BCS system can accomplish multiple system modes for a tenant system but the modes can only be set via an auto attendant and not from a line key on a phone. The modes are set by changing a value in a database which the BCS checks each time a call comes in. That is why the line keys don't work. Can't program a DB check to a line key.


          Sorry that the standalone system won't meet your application. Let me know if you have any other questions.