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    Netvanta UC Migrate from Exchange 2007 to 2010

    juhensle New Member

      I am using Netvanta UC in a small call center environment with a Netvanta 7100 controller.  We recently upgraded our entire email infrastructure to Exchange 2010, and changed the name of our email server.  At that time, any emails coming from the UC failed since they were trying to send to the old server which was decommissioned and shut down.  I changed the name of the exchange server in the "servers" section of the administration portal on the UC client.  However, the status shows as disconnected.  I have the latest MAPI/CDO software installed on the UC server.  I am unable to remove the previous exchange server entry in UC, and get the attached message.  Can someone assist me with this issue?  I need to get the new exchange server configured on UC.



      Justin H.