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    [solve] BSAP-1920 randomly going down

    lappl New Member



      We have 3 BSAP-1920 with firmware 6.7.0-17 and VWLAN physical appliance V2_3_0_09.


      Very often (every 12 hours or so) 1 of our BSAP 1920 will go down (down state in vwlan) and wont come up by itself.

      The LED on the AP will remain orange solid.

      We cannot Ping the AP.


      The only way to reboot the AP is to cycle the power.


      We tried the basic stuff without success, switch AP, switch PoE physical port, network cable and factory reset the AP.


      Is there some kind of advance log we can look at to see what is causing this crash ?


      Note: We had the error with previous version too:  VWLAN V2_2_1_20 + Firmware 6.6.0-30


      Thank you