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    Ringback on NV7100 connected to a Metaswitch

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      I have a 7100 connected via SIP (subscriber) trunk to a Meta, on calls into the 7100, I get no ringback.  I have been through the SIP config for Meta doc and also through some other related posts, but unable to find any resolution.  I was wondering if someone could take a look and provide some help.


      Ive attached a SIP stack debug, a voice verbose debug and the 7100 config.


      Some details:  the ip of the 7100 is set on eth 0/0,  the Meta CFS is xxx.xxx.145.5,  Im calling from my cell to the 7100, DID is xxxyyy9097 which is set of ext 221.




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          Thanks for posting your question to the Support Community!  Your attachments contained public IP addresses and phone numbers so I removed them as a precaution.  I looked through the debug and I did see where the NetVanta 7100 sent a 180 Ringing to the Metaswitch:


          19:01:05.331 SIP.STACK MSG     Tx: UDP src=x.x.96.57:5060 dst=x.x.145.5:5060

          19:01:05.331 SIP.STACK MSG         SIP/2.0 180 Ringing

          19:01:05.332 SIP.STACK MSG         From: 'Anonymous'<sip:anonymous@x.x.145.5:5060>;tag=;isup-oli=00

          19:01:05.332 SIP.STACK MSG         To: <sip:xxxyyy9097@>;tag=57a4680-7f000001-13c4-125d5-3d1971f9-125d5

          19:01:05.332 SIP.STACK MSG         Call-ID: DB02455F@

          19:01:05.332 SIP.STACK MSG         CSeq: 350169421 INVITE

          19:01:05.332 SIP.STACK MSG         Via: SIP/2.0/UDP x.x.145.5:5060;branch=z9hG4bKf0mjqr304g70bg4e71k1.1

          19:01:05.332 SIP.STACK MSG         Contact: <sip:xxxyyy9097@;transport=UDP>

          19:01:05.333 SIP.STACK MSG         Supported: 100rel,replaces


          19:01:05.333 SIP.STACK MSG         User-Agent: ADTRAN_NetVanta_7100/R10.8.0.E

          19:01:05.333 SIP.STACK MSG         Content-Length: 0

          I saw you mentioned going through our guide and looking at similar posts, but I wanted to call attention to two in particular:


          1 - Configuring SIP Trunking with the NetVanta 7100 and Metaswitch

          2 - Ringback on Inbound Call


          The last part of the guide and the post both cover that the Metaswitch has to be provisioned with certain parameters for this to work properly.  Can you verify the Metaswitch has been configured to match pages 13 and 14 of the guide?


          After verifying that, if you are still having trouble I would like to see the output of a debug sip stack messages and debug voice verbose (both enabled at the same time in the same text file) and the current configuration.  You can follow the instructions below to submit the files to our FTP server so you don't have to strip out sensitive information:


          Open Internet Explorer web browser on their PC
          Type the following URL:  ftp://ftp.adtran.com

          Press the Alt key, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer

          Double-click the "Incoming" folder
          Drag and drop files from PC into the Internet Explorer window

          Reply to this post with the exact filenames used so we can retrieve the files



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              I went ahead and flagged the "Correct Answer" on this post to make it more visible and help other members of the community find solutions more easily. If you have any additional information on this that others may benefit from, please come back to this post to provide an update.  If you still need assistance, we would be more than happy to continue working with you on this - just let us know in a reply.