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    Firmware for TA 624

    alanh New Member

      I am a bit new with using Adtran hardware and was wondering if someone could verify the correct firmware to use.


      Here is the info on my Adtran TA 624. Based on the info below is "A05.08.07 Total Access 600 3rd Generation TDM Firmware" the correct firmware to load?


      Unit Name                 TA 624 Gen3
      CLEI Code                 -
      Part Number               4203624
      Controller Serial Number  H17A1387
      System Serial Number      CFG0515213
      Firmware Revision         A.05.03.05
      Bootcode Revision         B.05

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          patrick Employee


          Yes, the "A05.08.07 Total Access 600 3rd Generation TDM Firmware" is the latest firmware for your particular TA624.

          From the unit information you can see that it is a 3rd Generation unit (TA 624 Gen3), and it is currently running firmware A.05.03.05, but A05.08.07 is the newest FW available for the unit.


          Hope this answers your question. If you need additional assistance you can just reply to this post.


          Thank you,