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    Configuring a fax on the 7100 with analog trunk

    3l3mn8r New Member

      I have found the guide to configure a fax on the AOS products but it doesn't really tell me how to setup when the line will be shared.  My customer only has two analog lines.  I would like to use their primary on FXO 0/1 and the secondary on FXO 0/2.  fax will be on FXS 0/2.  Can I share that secondary analog line and if a fax comes in it will grab that line. If it is not a fax can it then be routed to auto attendant like FXO 0/1.  I am not sure how to set this up.  I have not setup a fax on a 7100.  We always used some kind of device called a Stick or had a dedicated line for the fax.  Basically I want the customer to have two voice lines available where the second line can also send and receive faxes when not is use for voice.  Any help is greatly appreciated.