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    adrtran-sip.cfg error vvx 400 R10.5.2

    3l3mn8r New Member

      Netvanta factory default, erase dyn-config, upgraded boot code to a206B1, upgraded to firmware R10.5.2, plugged in VVX 400 and received the following message on the phone.  "adtran-sip.cfg has pre- 3.3.0 parameters".  Not sure how to resolve this. I did notice that the phone does show the default 2000 and has dialtone as expected but not sure about the error.  So I decided to create a user and try to assign phone but then received the following error when applying the new user "dbset could not find column VoipCodecGroup".  Anyone have any ideas or have seen these before?  Also, not sure why I don't see VVX400 under globals>boot settings>default firmware, just about all the others.