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    Netvanta 7100 + IP706 and IP712

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      Hello, I just had a few questions concerning a set up I'm configuring for a business. The title above is the equipment I'm using as a pbx and ip phones.


      My question is this: Is there a feature (phone or pbx) that will allow one phone to page another? For example type in a code, or extension, and be able to page over that extensions speaker? Would I have to go the hands free auto answer route? I don't want it to ring, and I don't want them to have to leave a voicemail. I just want them to be able to type in the extension of another phone connected to the pbx and talk over their speaker. I am familiar with the over head intercom, as I have set some up before using a Snoma PA1, but that's not what I want to do. Any help is appreciated!


      Another question I had was about caller ID. I have a few phones set up in a test environment and they work fine dialing the extensions of each phone, but the caller ID shows up weird. Example: Phone A calls Phone B. Phone B shows "call from Phone A" (Phone A being the name I've given it in the 7100 gui, such as customer service.) The other phones however don't work like this. If phone B calls phone A it shows "call from Polycom Phone" or "call from Analog FXS Port." All phones have the same settings both in the Netvanta gui and the phoneip/admin gui.


      Any help for either of my questions is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

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          Thanks for posting your question to the Support Community. 


          For your first inquiry you can use Paging Group.  Paging Groups do make use of hands free auto answer (HFAA) behind the scenes, but allow you to dial an extension dedicated to paging instead of a SPRE code (**extension).  This guide covers how to setup a paging group on a NetVanta 7100: Configuring Handset Paging Groups in the NetVanta 7000 Series.


          For the caller ID problem I would need to see the configuration and output of a debug voice verbose and debug sip stack messages when the problem is recreated.  You can submit those to our FTP server with the instructions below if your output contains sensitive information like public IPs, names, phone numbers, passwords, etc.


          Open Internet Explorer web browser on their PC
          Type the following URL:  ftp://ftp.adtran.com

          Press the Alt key, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer

          Double-click the "Incoming" folder
          Drag and drop files from PC into the Internet Explorer window

          Reply to this post with the exact filenames used so we can retrieve the files


          If your output does not contain sensitive information or you can easily filter it out, you can attach the files in a reply by clicking the "Use advanced editor" link in the top right of the reply box and attaching them on the resulting page.  This document explains some of what caller-id is based on in regards to outbound calls, so it may be helpful to look at:Outbound Caller ID priority in AOS Voice products.


          I will relocate this post to the NetVanta 7000 Series area and remove your other post to prevent duplicate threads.




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              Ok perfect I'll give it a shot and see if it works. I think I may have figured out why the caller ID is doing that, the two phones that work have the newest firmware but are still far behind. I'm trying to upgrade all the phones which range from 1.1.12 - 1.3.16 to 2.x firmware. I read on here that I could do it through the Netvanta7100 updating cflash, but it seems I'm still not able to do so.


              Do I have to upgrade by one firmware at a time? Meaning I can't just update to the newest one but I have to upgrade to all the ones in between and upgrade one by one until I get to the newest one? I'm not able to tftp the newest firmware to any of the phones, it just says the connection timed out (it does that fairly quickly I might add.)


              Also what do you mean by the **Ext. code? Do I have to manually configure the code to dial before the extension to page a phone? I feel that'd be better. Otherwise I would have to set up a paging group for each individual phone. I don't want the phones to page multiple phones, I just want someone to be able to page an individual extension.


              Thanks for all your help!

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                  This document covers the procedure for upgrading ADTRAN IP 700 Series phone firmware on the NetVanta 7100:

                  Upgrading IP 700 Series Phone Firmware


                  You do not have to upgrade to intermediate versions of firmware.  As outlined in the guide, just make sure you set both the bootcode and application code appropriately.


                  The default SPRE code for HFAA is ** followed by the extension.  For example, if I wanted to page extension 2007, from my phone I would just dial **2007.  Then extension 2007 would hear a beep followed by a one way audio path between my phone and their speaker asking like a page.  If you cannot dial **extension from your phone you should check the phone dial plan to make sure there is an entry to allow this SPRE code, which should be present by default.  To confirm you can go to Voice > IP Phone Configs > select phone and click Edit > Phone Settings tab > expand Extension Dial Strings and make sure **xxxx is present (assumes you are using 4 digit extensions):