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    Two 5305's w T3 Modules and Transport Only DS3

    ninefiveone New Member

      What's my best bet to connect two locations with a DS3 that is transport only.  I have layer 3 switches on both ends and would like to use them to route.

      What's the simplest config to use the 5305's to just terminate the circuit at both ends?  IRB?


      Thanks in advance.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Route where you can, bridge where you must.


          You could enable routing on the devices and use a /30 for the serial link, adding static routes or whatever dynamic routing protocol you have on the networks at both ends.


          Another possibility would be to use "ip unnumbered ethernet [whatever]" on the serial link and route as appropriate to the interface.


          Either of these will give you an IP address on each box for management and monitoring without having to use IRB.

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