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    Several Questions on 7100

    frank6160 New Member

      I know the answer to some just want to verify or here suggestions if any.

      1) Can the number of calls displayed in the call list be expanded. RE number of missed calles displayed currently only shows last 10 or so calls.

      2) User wants to record calls. Any options?

      3) Can Phone Manager speed dials and Tel Set Speed dials be synced?

      4) Any kind of VM-Email synchronization available?


      Thanks in advance.



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          frontiersd New Member

          1)  I believe this might be a phone level setting.

          2)  Call recording is not supported on the 7100.  Your option is to use a SIP phone that supports it on the phone.  (Polycom VVX 600 for example)

          3)  I don't know on that one

          4)  If you're talking about deleting an email, and having the voicemail gone from the 7100, then no, I don't believe that's supported.  You can do that on the BCS platform, when you integrate Exchange with the NetVanta UC Server.  When you do that, the email isn't stored on the NetVanta server, it's stored directly in Exchange.  An option for the 7100 if they want to use email only, would be to disable the message waiting light, and set the voicemail option to email, then delete the voice message from the 7100.

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              I wanted to follow-up on this post to see if you had all of your questions answered and also provide some additional input.


              1) This may depend on the phone model being used

              2) Here is a related post, where someone mentioned using a device called SIP Print: Record Calls  Also, as fontiersd mentioned call recording is available on certain supported Polycom phones: Integrating NetVanta 7100 and NetVanta ECS with the Polycom Productivity Suite

              3) You can add entries from the Voice > System Setup > System Speed Dials page and then add them to the Global Directory by going to Voice > Stations> IP Phone Globals and making sure the checkbox for "Include System Speed Dials" is checked.  The next time the phones download their configuration files these system speed dial entries will then be available through the phone menu options for the system directory.

              4) Here is a sample configuration for voicemail to e-mail that should work with a Yahoo e-mail address:


              ip name-server <primary DNS server> <secondary DNS server>

              no logging email

              logging email receiver-ip smtp.mail.yahoo.com port 587 auth-username <Yahoo-account>@yahoo.com  auth-password <Yahoo password>

              logging email sender <Yahoo-account>@yahoo.com



              voice user <extension>

                email <e-mail address>

                voicemail notify email attach-message pcm

                voicemail notify schedule Sunday 12:00 am

                  notify email primary


              Starting with AOS R10.8 TLS authentication is supported for servers that require it like Gmail, but a fix for TLS was added in AOS R10.9.2 that may be required.