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    Cable for E1 Network Module on Atlas550 connecting to Cisco router VWIC2 (E1 MFT )

    josixbee New Member

      I would like to use the Atlas550 with E1 Network Module (X 2) and dual T1/PRI module as a PSTN Switch for a Cisco Voice lab.  The T1 module came with a straight-thru RJ45 to RJ45 cable. However, missing are the cables for the E1 module which has a female DB15 connector.  The Cisco VWIC MFT ports use  RJ45.

      I can see cables suppliers with the Cisco part numbers:

      CAB-E1-RJ45DB15   (Cisco RJ45 to DB15 Male 10ft E1 Cable 72-1336-01)

      CAB-E1-RJ45DB15N  (Cisco RJ45 to DB15 Male Null 10ft Cable 72-1337-01)


      Does 1 of these actually would suit my purpose or can someone point me to the correct cable?  Thanks!