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    port forward help

    avvo New Member

      Could someone please help.

      I have no experience with netvanta.

      I need to open ports for VOIP but my default interface has dynamic ip.

      The only video tutorial that shows how to open is only for static ip addresses.


      My phone guy run wireshark and told me that he see the SIP service is registering to the voip.ms server but there is no VoIP packets leaving the router asking for invite and acceptance. All he see is the IP address of the PBX ( via getting a standard response from the voip.ms server ( saying yes I am here, what do you want to do. See the attached files.


      I need to verify that the router is passing the SIP service information to the voip.ms


      Im attaching my netvanta 3120 config and wireshark test results


      Thank you

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          I'm not a 3120 expert, deal more with the TA900 series but you have:


          no ip firewall alg sip


          and you don't have sip transparent proxy enabled.


          Generally you want one or the other to properly handle SIP NAT. 

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              avvo New Member

              Thank you for your reply.

              could you please let me know or guide me where i can find any reference on how to enable sip transparent proxy?

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                  jayh Hall_of_Fame

                  As I said, I'm not expert on the 3120 and it may not have the option, but in AOS:


                  ip sip

                  ip sip proxy

                  ip sip proxy transparent

                  If these options aren't there, then turn on the SIP ALG with:


                  ip firewall alg sip


                  The following may also help:


                  ip rtp firewall-traversal

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