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    Can I have the Netvanta 160 AP's connect to a 3305?

    johnfinley New Member

      i have a customer who has a Netvanta 3305 setup for a guest internet connection. They would like to possibly add some 160 AP's off of this. i have upgraded the 3305 to the latest version, however i did not see in the programming the area for the AP discovery and config, is this possible to do with the 3305?  If so what do i need to do to make this happen, if not can i push a different firmware that would be able to handle the AP's to the 3305?

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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          No.  Only the following NetVanta equipment will control the NV 160.  There are quite a few so "only" might not be the choice work.  Unfortunately, the 3305 is not one of them.


          Supported Wi-Fi Controllers

          ■ NetVanta 1234/1234P*

          ■ NetVanta 3430■

          ■ NetVanta 1238/1238P*

          ■ NetVanta 3448

          ■ NetVanta 1335/1335P

          ■ NetVanta 3450

          ■ NetVanta 1534/1534P

          ■ NetVanta 3458

          ■ NetVanta 1544/1544P/1544F ■ NetVanta 4430

          ■ NetVanta 1638/1638P

          ■ NetVanta 6355

          ■ NetVanta 3120 ■ NetVanta 7060

          ■ NetVanta 3130 ■ NetVanta 7100

          ■ Total Access® 900/900e Series

          * 2nd generation units only

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