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    Polycom phone low ring volume default setting

    most_ahdy New Member


         I used about 20 Polycom 331 phones in one of our projects along with NV7060 and NV6336, the customer always complain about their low ring volume, as these phone are installed in loudly places, but after adjust their ring volume using their + - buttons the customer somehow hardly accept the ring volume, but the problem now that if these phones restarted by some reasons, the ring volume return to its default , and this cause a lot of missed calls because the customer can not hear the phone ringing in such loudly places, so I asked if there is any way to adjust the default ring volume for these phones.

      The current firmware of :

      IP331 is 3.1.3

      NV7060 is A4.12.00.E

      NV6336 is A5.02.00.E


      Mostafa Aly